Rod’s Garlic is grown naturally on the volcanic plains of South West Victoria. Planting and harvesting are all done by hand to give you a unique product.

2020 Season – in production

The 2020 Season crop was planted in April – May 2020

April 2020

Garlic beds formed and weed matting being fitted ready for planting.

May 2020

Garlic plants emerging from slots in weed matting. At this stage plants that have not found their slot are teased out by hand.

June 2020

Garlic plants are now established and growing.

July 2020

Plenty of rain this winter… Captured this great photo of a rainbow in the west, encircling our ‘lightning’ tree with the garlic crop in the foreground.

August 2020

Rod’s 2020 Season garlic crop is having a growth spurt brought on by our current spate of (very) wet weather. The plants are looking healthy and strong indicating a great crop is on its way.

Raised beds and drainage channels are in place to ensure the crop is not waterlogged. This is monitored during wet periods to ensure excess water drains away.

Lower areas of the back paddock are currently underwater. It was historically on the edge of a wetland area to our west with abundant bird life.

November 2020

The 2020 garlic crop was harvested and placed in the shed to start curing. Here is a pic of the harvest and the great garlic that will be available soon in local stores.